Returns and Money-Back Guarantee
If you are making a credit claim for a shipment which is short, please ensure it is made no later than 14 days from the shipment date.
Consumer Guarantees Act
Where goods have been procured for business purposes, the terms of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply. Should this be the case, can offer the manufacturer’s warranty accompanying the goods and will not exceed the value of the price paid.
Risk and Ownership of the Goods
The customer receives risk in the goods upon delivery directly or to the address specified. Where a carrier has been used to effect delivery, delivery to the carrier is the same as delivery to the customer.
Therefore any claims for goods damaged in transit should be directed to the carrier immediately once received by the customer.
Our Credit and Billing Terms
The following Terms and Conditions apply and form part of the contract of service or sale which you have accepted when requesting a sale or service from us. We reserve the right to modify or alter these terms from time to time, and would outline any changes in writing.
Where a customer has breached or defaulted on these terms and conditions, cancellation of further credit may result.
Prices, Specifications and Policies
– All prices including Goods & Services Tax (GST)
– exerts its right to update pricing, specifications and policies at any time and without notice.
– acknowledges that while all pricing, availability and specifications of our goods are as accurate and current as is practicable, the nature of the industry drives all manner of changes quickly.
– accepts no liability should any of our goods become unavailable or if pricing and specifications presented online differ from those available.
– Discount of compatible cartridges are compare to genuine cartridges. 

Privacy Policy may use the services of a credit agency to check your credit details for the purpose of obtaining credit reports. You agree and acknowledge that all personal information you have given us may be used or held for this purpose.
You can be assured your personal information you have provided to, including your email address, will never be traded, sold, rented or shared with any other party.

Secure Site
Any credit card or payment details you provide us will not be held on this website and are processed on a secure off-site gateway (Paypal or Stripe)

Returns Policy
With the exception of business-to-business transactions, an order with can be cancelled without reason within 14 working days after the goods are received. To be accepted, all returns to must clearly display a valid return number on the outside of the package.  A return number may be requested by emailing Please quote your invoice number, your name and relevant customer details, as well as the reason for the product’s return.
Our Customer Support staff will email a return number to you, together with instructions on what to do.
While the goods remain in your possession, good care must be taken of them and they must remain in their original packaging. We may be unable to accept returned goods with opened packaging. You must pay any carrier charges yourself and at your own risk. We will provide a  (excluding Delivery charges) for any product that is returned unopened and in original condition within 14 days for any reason whatsoever.
For any returns after this time, please contact us. In most cases we are able to provide a credit. don’t charge customers for restocking as long as products are in original packing.We cannot guarantee any printer or cartridge where that cartridge was purchased longer than 14 Days from the date of purchase

Promotional Email

False Orders
Any attempt to place an order which is not genuine or is deliberately misleading will be referred to the local Police.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any contract between you, the customer, and shall be determined by New Zealand legislation and its courts.